Kind your information 2019-11

2019-02-17 16:32:25

Kind" is an adjective describing " information" in this case, which makes little sense. It is For Your Kind Information.

KIND makes wholesome, delicious snacks with ingredients you will recognize – like whole nuts and whole grains – along with a variety of fruits and spices. " your kind information" is actually.

Human translations with examples: प् रि य सब,, तरह ध् या न. Which is correct, For your information.

Contextual translation of " for your kind information that" into Hindi. Dear All, We often write " Updated information for your kind reference" in business letter when we want to inform our customer with the new delivery.

Kind your information. Can information be kind?

Hi, What does for your kind information mean? Please note how to ask your question.

How is the information kind? Forwarding mails with FYI tag was my normal practice.

For example, Tom’ s pen, where the pen belongs to Tim. FYKI - For Your Kind Information.

To me the use of word kind here is total nonsense. I got a mail from my lead with a line as " For your kind information ".

Looking for abbreviations of FYKI? Anonymous Your kind information meaning What is the meaning of " your kind information"?

The correct phrase would be ‘ for your kind information’ as the ‘ s is used to portray belongingness. Kind your information.

For Your Kind Information listed as FYKI. Kind means merciful or type but what does kind mean here?

Dear Sir, Pls guid me, what is appropriate situation when we we can use " for your kind information" in mails Regards, Nilesh.