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Many dog food companies have breed- specific formulas for small, medium, large and extra- large breeds. Companions and toys.

Spitz" is a dog type describing several breeds that share loosely common ancestry and traits. The Spitz Dog Breeds group are dogs most closely related to their ancestor, the wolf.

German Spitzes are the oldest breeds of dog in Central Europe. Japanese Spitz dogs have a bark that is louder than what you might expect from their.

Spitz dog breeds. They come in all sizes and many have physical traits, like upright prick ears, that resemble those of the wolf.

The smallest of the spitz breeds, the Pomeranian is regarded as a companion dog, though it also makes an excellent watch dog. Spitzes are well suited to living in harsh northern climates.

Highlights Japanese Spitz dogs have fairly low grooming needs, despite the appearance of their beautiful,. Most spitz- like dogs share small pointy ears, almond shaped eyes, a dense, thick coat and a fluffy tail that is often curled over the back.

The German Spitz is a small breed. The Miniature or Small German Spitz ( Klein) often gets confused with the Pomeranian ( Zwer).

They are descendants of the ancient Spitzes found in the Stone Age. Physically, spitz dogs typically have thick and dense fur, pointed ears and muzzles, and puffy tails that curl up and over their rears.

Spitz" is a dog type describing several breeds that share loosely common ancestry and traits. The Finnish Spitz is a “ natural” breed that some owners refer to as “ wash and wear.

Despite being similar in appearance to the American Eskimo Dog, Pomeranian, and Samoyed breeds,. Spitz dog breeds.

Spitz Working dogs. ” The breed standard is very specific: “ No trimming of the coat except for feet is allowed.

The breed is lively and playful, and is the most popular of the spitz breeds - - indeed, it is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Spitz, with their thick fur, fluffy ruffs, curled tails and small muzzles.

Spitz dogs are simply a category of dog breeds which share some distinct characteristics. Through selective breeding, spitz have been developed to help humans in three ways: hunting, herding,.

Finnish Spitz information including pictures, training, behavior, and care of Finnish Spitzes and dog breed mixes.